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Last-minute 2002 Elk Hunt

Trophy-class hunt for a drop camp price!

Perceptive person that you are, you have already noticed that this information is outdated and this particular opportunity has passed.  Until we get around to posting some more season-appropriate ski packages, though, we're leaving it up as an example of the sort of tremendous opportunity we have come available from time to time.

If you're thinking about hunting elk in Montana, and can schedule on short notice, we've just become aware of a great bargain on a trophy-class elk hunt.  It's a tent camp in the Madison Range, about a six-mile horseback ride.  It's on public land, but difficulty of access and rough topographyJCElk2.jpg (18227 bytes) really limit the hunting pressure.  The Madison Range hosts some of the highest concentrations of elk and best bull/cow ratios in the state.  Thousands of elk winter along the west face of the Madison Range, and hunting pressure from the surrounding area tends to concentrate elk in this vicinity, particularly bulls. 

It is not easy hunting, by any stretch of the imagination, though.  Hunting is on foot, and that country is all up and down.  It's no Everest climb, but if you're at least reasonably fit your odds go way up.  Hiking ability (well, plus weather, more on that in a minute) has generally been the largest factor in success or lack thereof in thisJCCCcamp.jpg (43484 bytes) camp.  They're taken some real nice bulls, with the best 340+ but plenty of 300+.  Their success was down last season, to around 40% as I recall.  It was partly due to a few hunters that wouldn't hardly get out of sight of camp, but also the generally bluebird weather conditions of last fall.

However, any bluebirds left around here now are mighty unhappy, I'll bet.  Opening day last Sunday resulted in not a few sunburns, but starting Monday the temperatures plummeted and the mountains have received up to a foot of snow.  What the coming weeks hold in store is anybody's guess, but right now it feels like elk hunting weather out there.  We've had several consecutive mild falls, and it's a certainty that won't last forever.  Elk survival has been very high, and when we finally get that snow & cold during November, the hunting is going to be exceptional.

We have openings for two hunters next week,  11/1-7, which is virtuallyJCElk5.jpg (40568 bytes) upon us and it's highly unlikely anyone can make arrangements that fast.  If you can, though.....

More realistically, we can fit 2-4 hunters the fourth week of the season, 11/20-26.   Price is $1900.00 per, which is 50% of the normal rate.  In this case, it'd be a semi-guided hunt, which you understand is not at all the same thing as a hunt with a semi-guide!  There'll be two staff members in camp; an experienced cook/wrangler/guide, and an assistant.  They'll show you around and retrieve game, but you will primarily be hunting on your own.

Most interestingly, there are still a handful of Montana Elk Combination licenses available from Fish, Wildlife, and Parks, for $585.00.  We're talking three or four licenses that were returned (my gunfire and guitar damaged ears were unable to decipher the exact reason, but it doesn't really matter.  They're available, first come first served.)

If you've been thinking about hunting elk in Montana, this is one you ought to take a hard look at.  Bargains like this don't come along too often....

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