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  • Wildife viewing tours Statistics prove that wildlife viewing ranks #2 in activity popularity with visitors to southwest Montana, right behind shopping. We were The controversial, but captivating canis lupussurprised at the shopping rank, too, but the Main Street business districts in a lot of towns around here boast some pretty unique stores. Plus, you don't have to get too far out of town to start seeing a wide variety of wildlife. Besides guided wolf and grizzly viewing tours to Yellowstone, there's a host of furred and feathered creatures flourishing literally within sight of many downtowns. An experienced naturalist guide, not to mention someone who knows where the critters are, is an invaluable asset to your explorations. These guides are tops in the business; professional biologists, educators, and even better good companionsThe grizzly; top of the food chain with a wealth of experience. On custom trips a wide variety of options are available, and new this year are group tours combining small groups of people with similar interests. For instance, June 4-8 we have a five-day, four-night Yellowstone Bear and Wolf Safari. Learn about these top predators' behavior, ecology, history, and management while observing them in their natural habitat. Top-end accomodations in Yellowstone and surrounding communities will make this a memorable experience, for 5-14 people. $1295/person double occupancy.
    Or how about an epic seven-day September packtrip through the Sun River Game Preserve in the Bob Marshall Wilderness? From September 1-7, five to eight guests will experience a truly world-class adventure. The Game PreserveA magnificent bull elk, photo courtesy Jim Wisman is summer range for the famous Sun River elk herd, not to mention nearly the full spectrum of other native wildlife. At the risk of sounding provincial, the elk you see in Yellowstone often seem slightly scruffy and semi-domesticated to me. Sun River elk on the other hand are sleek and magnificent, completely wild and glimpsing a group of them or listening to their challenging bugles reverberate during the rut should be considered a personal treasure. You'll make a great loop along the North and South Forks Sun River, ascend to the continental divide and ride for six miles below the towering escarpment of the Chinese Wall. Early September is a wonderful time to be out, with cool nights and warm days, fall colors, and tremendous fishing. Even if an early-season snowstorm passes through, you'll be snug in heated wall tents, and storms that time of year are generally short-lived. A fresh dusting of snow on the peaks is literally icing on the visual extravaganza, and invariably sets the bulls to bugling.... If you enjoy wildlife, scenery, horses, and a chance to completely escape the 21st century, you really must experience a trip like this sometime. You'll never be quite the same.... Cost is $1750/person. To further whet your interest, you might check out our articles on the Bob Marshall Wilderness and horse packing.
    Those are just a couple of examples, we can set up wildlife tours to match most schedules and interests, so call us at 1-877-613-0404, or e-mail, and get ready to set your clock ahead to Mountain Standard Time, the best time of your life!

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