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S.gif (910 bytes)taying in unique lodgings during your Montana vacation is perhaps the simplest thing you can do to elevate your experience from mundane to memorable.  Let's face it, a generic motel tucked alongside the freeway off-ramp isn't much different in Montana than anywhere else.  With aMontana cabin rental minimal amount of planning you could be pulling up to a rustic log cabin tucked into the woods, something we guarantee will cause everyone's mood to soar after a long day on the road.  Some of these, like the Forest Service rental cabins, are not only great fun but a screaming bargain to boot, generally in the $20/night range.  Of course, those book up real fast and require reservations well in advance.  There's a host of commercial rentals available on much shorter notice, though, covering the full spectrum of price and luxury; from single-room cabins to palatial resort homes. 
One thing they all share is that they tend to be located in the premier recreational areas of the state, so you'll have a full spectrum of outdoorMontana cabin rental adventure to partake of when you're not relaxing at your private hideaway.  While sampling area restaurants is a fun part of a vacation, it can get expensive, not to mention the toll a steady diet of restaurant food takes on your body.  The vast bulk of these rentals have cooking facilities, so you can give both your budget and body a break from eating out.  Many also have laundry facilities, which is certainly handy on a long trip and another factor that makes the cost of a rental a good buy.
Particularly for larger families or groups, a condo or vacation home rental can make a lot of sense.  With up to five or more bedrooms available, you can still have your privacy, but enjoy common eating and relaxing areas offering a much higher degree of luxury than any motel, at comparable cost.
Speaking of cost; cabin rentals run from less than $50 per night, up to the $250-$300 range.  At the higher end of this spectrum, you're booking places that will accommodate up to ten or more people, and often include amenities like horseback riding and boat usage for no extra charge.  Condos are not just limited to the ski areas, they are also a popular alternative for summer recreation, particularly in the golf course rich Flathead Valley.  Costs range from $90/night, on up to $600, with many in the $200-$300 range.  Again, if you've got a big family or are travellingMontana vacation home rental with a group of friends or business associates, a condo rental can be very cost-effective.   Vacation homes can also cost a lot less than you might think, ranging from less than $500/week.  A lot of them fall into the $1000-$1500/week range, which includes some very large and luxurious homes.  Of course, if you're looking to really make an impression; stunning mansions in the 7000+ square foot range are available.  They're not cheap, of course, but you'd be surprised what a couple thousand dollars will get you!
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