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  • Unique Fishing Opportunities Montana abounds in stellar fishing destinations, in fact you can't hardly throw a rock here in southwest Montana without hitting blue-ribbon flyfishing water. If you want to spend a day (or several) driftboat fishing the Madison, Yellowstone, Big Horn, or any of theFloat Tubing for Montana Trout myriad other world-famous rivers around here, we'll be happy to line you up with the best guides in the business. For more thoughts on just what qualities we look for in a guide, you might want to check out our main fishing page. Let's say you've been there and done that, though, and are looking for something different, something exceptional, something unique....
    OK, how about checking out the trophy waters of the Blackfoot Indian Reservation? The lakes of the Rez are exceptionally productive, with documented growth rates of up to an inch per month for the first four years of a fishes life, so there are some honest-to-God lunker trout to be caught. Also, the water levels have improved dramatically from the recent low water years, and happy days are here again! And the setting....!! Not only is the fishing world-class, so is the view. Nowhere better showcases the abrupt transition from the high plains to soaring peaks that occurs along the eastern boundary of Glacier Park and the Not bad, eh?      Photo courtesy David Parsons, Cut Bank Creek OutfittersBadger/Two Medicine. No wonder the natives call it "the backbone of the world". And not only are your Native American guides clued in to what's working and what's not, they're exceptional individuals and fascinating to be around. Not least, the guide rates are lower than many of the more popular areas, as little as $100 per half day. Plus, we have some very unique and historic cabin rentals in the area, and of course you must spend some time touring around in Glacier Park... Sounding like fun? Criminy!! It's not just fun, it's a completely exceptional experience, so call us at 1-877-613-0404 or e-mail and we'll set it up. And in the meanwhile, you might check out our article about fishing the Blackfoot Reservation.
    Another fishing experience that just delights us to no end is fishing remote high-mountain lakes. In most cases, you'll find you have the place to yourself (except for perhaps mountain goats!), so if you value solitude, scenery, and stellarMiddle Jerome Rock Lake in the Spanish Peaks    We caught (and released) over  300 fish on that trip! fishing you really can't do better. Of course, reaching those isolated basins can turn grueling, but much less so if you're riding a calm and surefooted mountain pony, in which case getting there is easily half the fun (maybe 65%. I really like riding good horses in the mountains....). We work with a number of top outfitters who take great pride in their horse herds, and are experts at matchmaking clients with a horse that's a good fit. Day fishing trips to mountain lakes start at $130, and we have a wide variety of destinations in areas like the Spanish Peaks, Tobacco Roots, Madison Range, Yellowstone Park. Many of those also work well for an overnighter or 3-day trip. If you've got the time.... for the full experience there's nothing like a week's fishing packtrip through the Bob Marshall Wilderness, or to the Thorofare in Yellowstone. You'll never be quite the same.... For more thoughts on this, see our Packtrips page, and to put more fuel on the fire check out our fishing articles.

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