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Guest Ranches

I.gif (879 bytes)f you're truly looking to "get away from it all", a stay at a guest ranch can be your best bet.  It's a chance to step away from the harried pace ofMontana Guest Ranch modern life, back to an simpler time when people's lives were more closely entwined with the rhythms of nature.  Montana guest ranches offer a tremendously diverse range of experiences, from posh resorts where gourmet meals are prepared by renowned chefs, and you can do anything from lounge by the pool to go mountain climbing, to working cattle ranches where you'll work cattle from horseback alongside the ranch hands.

One constant you'll find at virtually all guest ranches is the opportunity for horseback riding.  There's no better way to see Montana's grandeur thanFirstRide.jpg (27335 bytes) from the back of a horse.  It's nothing like riding in a car or other motorized conveyance; there's something about the interaction of horse and human that adds immeasurably to the experience.  Many of these ranches have extensive horse herds, and are experts at matching you with a mount suited to your riding ability.  Once aboard, you'll be riding through some of the most beautiful country on the planet.  From scenic trails to high mountain lakes, to the wide-open vistas of eastern Montana, much of what you'll see remains largely unchanged from what riders 150 years or more ago saw.

Many ranches also offer superb fishing, floating, wildlife viewingGuest Ranch interior opportunities, rodeos, cattle drives, wagon trains, and other western activities.  Some of the more luxurious ones also include pools, tennis, spas, and massage facilities.  One thing they all share, though, is the chance to get away from the rat race, and the chance to relax (or wear yourself to a frazzle, if you so desire) under the Big Sky.

So, if a Montana ranch vacation sounds like fun, contact us and we'll find the one that's the best fit for you.



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