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Western artist Charlie Russell said it best; "You can get in a car and see what man has made, but you have to get on a horse to see what God has made."  Hikers may disagree, but I think we all know what the tops of our boots look like.  When you're riding, the horse is doing the hardThey went that 'a way... work, and you're able to take in the scenery to your heart's content.  The reduced exertion is only a small benefit, though.   There's something about the interaction of horse and human that adds immeasurably to the whole experience.  I do a lot of hiking, but I've also had horses since I was a kid, and know that riding, particularly travelling by packstring in the mountains, is one of my great joys. 
We work with a number of top outfitters statewide who are seriously intoFirst Ride their horses, and love to share the experience with guests.  They're experts at choosing a horse for you that matches up with your riding ability.  Whether you're a first-timer, or taking your children on their first horseback ride, to an experienced rider looking to pilot a spirited horse on a pell-mell dash chasing cattle through the breaks, we can match you up with an outfitter and location that meets your desires.  From two-hour trail rides,   multi-day wilderness packtrips, cattle drives, wagon train trips, and from Glacier Park's alpine grandeur to Yellowstone's fish and wildlife rich backcountry, not to mention the vast scope of country inbetween, there's a world of horseback adventure waiting for you.
Horseback riding can also be a very inexpensive addition to your MontanaMontana Wilderness Packtrip vacation.   Trail rides of an hour or two cost as little as $25-$35 per person.  Half-day rides are generally in the $55-$60 range, with all day rides running $95-$120.  At the upper end of the price range on the all-day rides, you'll usually be riding to a scenic mountain lake, where you can do some hiking or fishing.  Pack trips run from overnighters, up to trips of a week or more through places like the Bob Marshall Wilderness and Yellowstone's backcountry, and include tremendous opportunities for fishing and wildlife viewing.  Costs for pack  trips run from around $200 per day, on up to about $450/day, depending on length and luxury level of the trip.
So, whether you just want to spice up your vacation with a couple of hours spent horseback, or harbor a lifelong dream of travelling through the wildnerness via packstring, call 1-877-613-0404, or e-mail us, and we'll bring those dreams to reality.


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