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Hot Springs Resorts

M.gif (967 bytes)ontana is one of the more geothermally active places in the world, and as a result, we are blessed with quite a number of natural hot springs around the state.  Over two dozen of these have been developed into resorts of varying degrees of luxury, and they are a great place to soakFairmont Hot Springs Resort your tired and sore body after a strenuous day of adventure in the great outdoors.  Most have overnight accommodations, and they are a great place to stay while skiing, climbing, fishing, or just exploring the surrounding area.   Accommodations range from destination resorts like Fairmont and Chico; complete with a wide range of rooming possibilities, restaurants, nightlife, and activities covering the spectrum of Montana outdoor fun.  Smaller resorts range from the upscale, intimate luxury of Potosi, to the western charm of Jackson and Elkhorn Hot Springs.  These smaller resorts generally don't have as wide of range of lodging possibilities, but give up nothing in terms of the quality of food and drink, and of course their pools feel just as good, andThe pool at Potosi Hot Springs you'll be sharing them with less people.  Then there's places like Norris Hot Springs, where there isn't any lodging other than a campground.  Still, their wooden pool is unique, and a must stop if you've spent a day hiking in the Madison Range or exploring around the Virginia City area.
A hot springs resort can be the focus of your Montana vacation, or we can incorporate a stay at one into a custom itinerary combining a variety of activities in different parts of the state.  Either way, you'll find the experience uniquely refreshing and a huge improvement over a typical roadside motel. 
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