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  • Packtrips Taking a horse packtrip into the wilderness is something that appeals deeply to a lot of people, with good reason. You’re not just driving an RV to your campsite, you’re deeply involved with a process dating back toPackstring crossing the South Fork Flathead River, Bob Marshall Wilderness, Montana  Photo courtesy Rick Adkins, Wilderness Outfitters prehistory, interacting with and hopefully managing animals possessing their own minds, attuned to their needs and your own, and accessing some fantastic country in the process. Horse packing is one of those increasingly rare activities that remains largely unchanged from earlier times, and successfully practicing it is a deeply gratifying exercise in this age of rapid obsolescence. The fact that it allows you to access some of the most remote and beautiful areas in the country can very nearly be viewed as mere icing on the cake.
    And of course, it doesn't hurt that you can live like royalty while you're there! Packtrips allow a much higher degree of creature comforts than any backpack venture, which is nice anytime but especially if the weather turns capricious! A wall tent with a toasty wood stove is nearly decadent luxury if it, say, snows. There's really nothing quite like it; with a bunch of good mountain ponies grazing out in the meadow, a mountain stream teeming with fish close by, and a world of wilderness beyond, it has provided many of the experiences that are most deeply cemented in my personal psyche. And of course, as you might guess, here at Cowboy Home sweet....Heaven Consulting, we have an admitted preference toward horseback mountain travel. Oh, we do plenty of hiking, too, but for getting deep into wild country, and setting up a comfortable base camp, you just can't beat a packstring....
    We work with the best outfitters in the business, and have some absolutely superb packtrips through the nicest country you can ride a horse in.... Longer trips of week plus are usually through the Bob Marshall Wilderness or Yellowstone Park, with great options for shorter trips (many to mountain lakes) in the various mountain ranges of western and southwest Montana. And did I mention the fishing....?
    Montana abounds in great fishing, and flyfishermen worldwide make pilgrimages to the famous rivers of the greater Yellowstone area, not to mention the myriad waters draining the west slope of the divide. It's no secret that the more remote streams and lakes get way less fishing pressure, and if you want to have a fun fishing trip.... My personal fishing preference lies heavily toward the small-to-Water doesn't get clearer.  And yes, that's a kid fishing, above the prominent boulder.  Later on, we went swimming....mid sized mountain streams (remote lakes are nice, too!). Personal favorites are in and around the Bob Marshall Wilderness, the drainages of the Middle and South Forks Flathead and Sun River. It's much more intimate than fishing the bigger rivers of southwest Montana. The water is usually just crystal clear, and you're often casting to fish you can see. That requires a degree of stealth, obviously, but when a native cutthroat comes streaking toward your fly, well, it's right up there with any entertainment I've found! By late summer, darn near every fish in the Madison River has been caught and released a couple or three times, and the poor things are neurotic.... (so are the fishermen, in manyCheck out the red jaw streaks on this native cutthroat, caught from the same pool as the photo above cases!). These wilderness fish aren't as sophisticated, which doesn't really trouble me in the least, and I value a certain degree of gullibility in fish. Every pocket is often good for a fish or three, and on the bigger pools you can sometimes catch 'em until you're tired of it! No problem, go exploring on foot or horseback, and wind up back at camp in time for a gourmet dinner. It just doesn't really get any better....
    We have day rides from less than $100/person, and some superb day fishing rides to mountain lakes from $130-160. Multi-day packtrips generally run $200-250/day, with a wide range of customization available. Just for example, here's a selection of Bob Marshall Wilderness trips for summer '04;
    • June 24-29 Springtime in the headwaters of the South Fork Flathead, Danaher and Youngs Creek and vicinity.
    • July 4-9 Depart North Fork Blackfoot trailhead for the Danaher. After 2 days off for fishing/exploring/riding/relaxing continue over Limestone Pass to Monture trailhead.
    • July 2-9 Eight day Chinese Wall Trip, deep into the heart of the Wilderness
    • July 14-23 Hi-Line trip, primarily off main trails to Sugarloaf and Scapegoat Mountains.
    • July 22-28 From Benchmark up the South Fork Sun and Indian Creek over White River Pass to the South Fork Flathead, and subsequent side trips to the Flathead Alps and Big Salmon Lake, among others.
    • July 26-Aug 4 Scapegoat Mountain trip, from North Fork Blackfoot into the high country of the Continental Divide.
    • Aug 7-11 Meadow Lake and Devil's Staircase trip, explore high wilderness lakes
    • Aug 10-19 Depart Monture for a ten-day tour of the southwest Bob Marshall. Several layover days allow ample exploration time for Youngs and various other South Fork Flathead tributaries
    • Aug 22-29 Spend eight days crossing the wilderness from west to east, exiting at Benchmark. Fish and explore the Swan Range, and cross the Divide exiting through the Sun River watershed.
    • September 1-7 Tour the Sun River Game Preserve during the elk rut and loop under the Chinese Wall for a wildlife and fishing extravaganza without parallel.

      Those are just a handful of examples, we can set up packtrips to match most schedules and interests, so call us at 1-877-613-0404, or e-mail, and get ready to set your clock ahead to Mountain Standard Time, the best time of your life!


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